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Hydroponics farming refers to growing of crops with soilless media. A solution to all animal feed challenges. Hydroponic fodder unlocks the energy potential of grains. Can be feed on all livestock; Cattle (Dairy and Beef), Goats, Sheep, Rabbits, pigs and chicken plus Equines


  • Requires little land
  • Fodder produced in 6 days
  • Reduced cost of feed
  • Improved livestock performance
  • Easy to setup system
  • Low cost structure.

Benefits of hydroponically produced fodder

  • Up to 18 % increase in milk production
  • Better weight gain in animals
  • Contains all chemical groups of feed in the right proportion and form
  • Contains enzymes and hormones
  • Stimulates the immune response
  • Reduction in anti-nutrition factors
  • Contains anti-oxidant properties
  • Reduces incidences of diseases such as mastitis, milk fever.
  • 1 kg of barley (or any cereal) will produce 6-8kg of fodder (1 tray). Other grains that can be used include oats, wheat, sorghum, millet, maize. The fodder is highly nutritious with 23-30 % crude protein.
    This fodder can be fed on pigs, goats, sheep, cows, horses, rabbits, chicken and humans.
    Humans and chicken feed on it at day 3.

Recommended method for Cows is:

  • 16-20 kg of hydroponic fodder
  • 2-5 kg of dried pasture (hay) from field
  • 100 g of mineral supplement


By using fresh fodder biscuits, it is easy to manage your pigs diet and provide it with everything it requires. The general rule of thumb is as follows:

  • Rearing = ¼ biscuit per day
  • Feeding = ½ biscuit per day
  • Sow out of season = ½ biscuit per day
  • Sow in season = 1 biscuit per day
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