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Discover the enchanting world of sustainable living with an immersive farm visit like no other! Join us at for an unforgettable experience filled with picturesque fields, friendly animals, and delectable farm-to-table dining.

Book your spot now and secure your place in this unique adventure. Our rates are as follow


Groups Local Schools International Schools
Individuals (1 to 4) @ Ugx 100,000

Medium Groups ( 5 to 19) @Ugx 50000

Large groups (20 people and above): Ugx 30000
Primary and Nursery: Ugx 5000

Secondary: @ Ugx 5000

Undergraduate: @ Ugx 20000

Graduate and Postgraduate: @ Ugx 30000
Primary and Nursery: @ Ugx 10000

Secondary: @ Ugx 20000
 Prepare to be captivated by the beauty of our farm, engage with adorable animals, and savor the farm-fresh delights. Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity! Visit our website and make your booking today.

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