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How to run a profitable small farm | Circular food systems in East Africa 3/5

There are about 500 million smallholder farmers around the world. They produce much of the world’s food using only a small fraction of agricultural land and resources. Ironically, this is…

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2014 Keynote: Dr Emma Naluyima Video

2014 World Food Prize Borlaug Dialogue Keynote address by Dr. Emma, a Ugandan smallholder farmer.

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Emma Naluyima: In praise of pigs

Veterinarian and pig breeder Emma Naluyima argues that pork production can be an effective poverty reduction tool for smallholder farmers.

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Emma Naluyima at GFFA

ILRI delegation at the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture, in Berlin, 18–20 Jan 2018 (photo credit: ILRI/Susan MacMillan)

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How I turn a profit on an acre of land | Emma Naluyima | TEDxJohannesburgSalon

Ugandan veterinarian and smallholder farmer Emma Naluyima practices a unique and highly effective blend of integrated farming. In this delightful talk, she explains how she does this on just one…

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Camborough Pigs: A breed that is worth the cost

Dr Emma Naluyima is a wealthy woman, though she may be modest about it, but wealthy nevertheless. This realisation takes time to sink in until you see her beautifully constructed…

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