Dr. Emma Naluyima: A Visionary Veterinarian Revolutionizing African Agriculture

Dr. Emma Naluyima from Uganda and Baba Dioum from Senegal were in 2019 honored for their extraordinary contributions in promoting innovative and sustainable growth in African agriculture. The prize committee recognized them for their remarkable achievements in demonstrating improved resource utilization and market links. Together, they share a prestigious $100,000 prize.

Trained as a veterinarian, Dr. Emma Naluyima has transformed her one-acre farm in Uganda using a groundbreaking “closed-loop” approach to agriculture. By dividing her farm into quarters dedicated to pig, cattle, fish, and vegetable farming, Naluyima ensures maximum resource utilization. 

Waste products from one section are ingeniously repurposed for feed, fertilizer, and pesticide in another section. For example, pig waste fertilizes the vegetables, while the maggots from the waste serve as feed for the fish and chickens. Additionally, cattle waste is harnessed to generate biogas, which provides energy for her entire farm. Naluyima proudly generates an annual income of approximately $100,000 through the sale of her farm products and livestock.

Beyond her farming activities, Dr. Naluyima passionately shares her knowledge and expertise with others. Every year, she hosts around 10,000 visitors on her farm, educating them about her innovative techniques. In addition, she founded a primary school where agriculture is integrated into the curriculum, benefiting approximately 300 students.

Originally published in 2019 by Devex and written by Sarah Jerving, the story of Dr. Emma Naluyima’s accomplishments continues to inspire. During the announcement of the prize winners in Accra, Strive Masiyiwa, CEO of Econet Group, emphasized the profound impact of Naluyima’s work, stating, “What Emma is doing is incredibly profound. Don’t say you have nothing. Emma only has one acre—and today she has won Africa’s greatest food prize.”

Dr. Emma Naluyima’s visionary approach to agriculture exemplifies the potential for sustainable and profitable farming, even with limited resources. Her recognition as a recipient of Africa’s most prestigious food prize serves as a testament to her innovative mindset and the transformative power of her work in promoting a brighter future for African agriculture.

This Story was first published in 2019 by https://www.devex.com/news/farmer-and-entrepreneur-win-100-000-africa-food-prize-95542

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Credit: Sarah Jerving