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MST Junior Academy

MST Junior Academy


Welcome to MST Junior Academy

A day and boarding Primary School following the Uganda National Curriculum.

MST Junior Academy is equipped with:

  • Aquaponic Laboratory
  • Computer Lab with 24/7 internet connection.
  • Art Room
  • Basketball Court
  • Table Tennis Court
  • Lawn

MST Junior Academy is the only primary school in the country designed to train it’s pupils in modern innovative farming at its farm.


Science is an exceptionally important subject and its vital that children lay the foundation of their scientific understanding at Primary Level. At MST Junior Academy, we prioritize the teaching of skill. We expose children to the science laboratory at a very early age.

At MST Junior Academy, Greta Science means:

  • Practical hands-on investigation and inquiry.
  • Excitement, fun, inspiration and innovation
  • Giving Children the independence to question explore and make discoveries ensuring every child is making progress as a scientist.


A form of expression where the child’s sense of individuality is natured and trained. Here at MST Junior Academy we start tapping the child’s artistic abilities at a very early age.


We are very fortunate to have our very own farm. Our pupils will get the opportunity to be trained by one of Uganda’s Best Farmers such as Dr. Emma Naluyima and Mr. Iga Patrick. The farm trainings will equip the students with Mordern farming skills.
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  • Kintu Ruth

    I want to know more about the school. Kindly avail me with the contacts. I have a 9year old sin ibwould wish to join you. God bless you

    • emmanaluyima

      It’s now plot 107 Kampala road. (It’s still in EBB).
      4n nos. 0701308837/0773309837.

      Then Farm office

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